Informal interviews and conversations

Informal interviews and conversations

Given that no truth is absolute, at el5antuario we try to consult as many opinions as possible to form our own, with the most accessible information. So these are the voices we have heard, here, live:

Insurrektus (Military Interview) June 15, 2012 : Former Infantry Corporal. Mexican soldier for 6 years who reveals unsuspected data and facts, on the other hand confirms other testimonies that we had received previously. Link:

Miguel Huidobro (Molotov Interview) June 14, 2012 : Member of the Molotov gang. Mexican artist who for almost 20 years has implemented with his companions fragments of the Mexican collective gnosis that flourish with the Mexican Summer. Link:

# YoSoy132 (Student Interview) June 14, 2012 : Members of the # YoSoy132 movement. UNAM students repressed by the Tlalnepantla authorities: beaten, intimidated and who bravely denounced the Mexican abuses. Link:

Rafita (Pinchi Interview) June 12, 2012 : Well-informed young man. Activist and vlogger from Sonora who with great charisma has captivated on YouTube and gives us a look within his very particular perspective. Link:

Rafita (Pinchi Interview) June 12, 2012 : Well-informed young man. Activist and vlogger from Sonora who with great charisma has captivated on YouTube and gives us a look within his very particular perspective. Link:

Abraham Fraijo (Interview Required) May 25, 2012 : Father of v í victim  ABC Nursery . Account of the harassment by the “government” of Hermosillo against three of the parents of this tragedy, who were kidnapped by the authorities for three hours Link: -abraham-fraijo-father-of.html

José Mart ínez (Infraganti Interview) May 17, 2012 : PRI Clicker. “Volunteer” of the PRI Cyberactivists group, coordinator of a hundred other “volunteers” in charge of positioning artificial topics on Twitter. Link:

Patricio Ortiz (Sad Interview) April 19, 2012 : Mexican Monero. Brave artist who, from Veracruz, invites us to reflect with his talent. Link:

Leonardo Fern á ndez (Hopeful Interview) April 16, 2012 : Mexican mountaineer. Former PAN player who conquers Everest and spreads the need we have for AMLO. Link:

Rubén Luengas (Edifying Interview)
April 11, 2012 : Mexican journalist. It is undoubtedly one of the few voices with human value while informing. Link:

Antonio Atollini (Informative Interview) April 2, 2012 Student of Political Science and International Relations at ITAM. Current Secretary General of the Model UN of the same school and in the opinion of some: the following Edgardo Buscaglia. Link:

Netzaí Sandoval (Interview Combativa) April 2, 2012

He gives us his presence again answering questions, some new ones about the process against Calderón in the International Criminal Court.


Víctor Hernández (Left Interview)
March 30, 2012 
Creator of the original Blog Sendero del Peje.

He tells us about what has changed in 6 years in this country politically; in addition to his new and successful


Jaime Arizaga (Demoralized Interview)
March 26, 2012 
Political activist founder of several political organizations.

She tells us about the abuses of Martha Sahagún in Michoacán and her opinion about the ” Voto Nulo” .


Héctor Bonilla (Memorable Interview)
March 13, 2012 
Actor and activist of great and recognized importance who talks about Mexico today in function of 1968 and towards Where are we going or could we go


Fernando Bonilla (Unforgettable Interview) March 11, 2012   Interview on the work Siglo XX Que Eres En Los Cielos, put on scene at the Teatro la Capilla de Coyoacán on historical memory and forgetting.

Pedro Miguel (Structural Interview)
February 13, 2012
Very eventful conversation with the author of the blog Navigations, who is also a regular contributor to La Jornada. Just a taste of what we must repeat soon without so many problems with the network.

Baby Sale in Mercado Libre (Interview with the owner of the aforementioned cell phone)February 10, 2012 Anonymous owner of a cell phone published in the sale of an 8-month-old baby, after multiple calls his innocence / guilt was not clear, leaving an investigation pending by the authorities.

Librofílica y AfroditaOpina (Charla Informal)
18 de enero de 2012 
Activistas que iniciaron el centro de acopio para la Sierra Tarahumara ubicado en el Claustro de Sor Juana que quisieron hacer una aclaración acerca de los rumores infundados de su labor.


Índira Kempis (Entrevista Regia)
18 de enero de 2012 
Miembro del Colectivo de ciudadanos que promueven el bienestar de Monterrey y sus habitantes a través de acciones creativas para crear conciencia.

Florence Cassez (Entrevista Exclusiva)
11 de enero de 2012
Ciudadana francesa acusada y juzgada por secuestro penando una condena de 60 años al margen de un caso plagado de irregularidades jurídicas y mediáticas.

Juan Miguel Zunzunegui (Entrevista Desmitificante)
12 de diciembre 2011 
Escritor e historiador quien colabora activamente en la desmitificación de la historia.

Jonathan Pérez (Entrevista Especial)
14 de noviembre 201 
Fundador y Director de Revista EMET.


Luisa María Alcalde (Entrevista Joven)
8 de noviembre 2011 
Representante del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional.


Eduardo Balderrama (Entrevista Ilustrativa)
24 de octubre 2011
Astrónomo mexicano que nos platicará sobre la difusión científica en México.


John Mill Ackerman (Entrevista Eficiente)
17 de octubre 2011
Catedrático en Derecho, Investigador IIJ-UNAI. SNI II. Editor en Jefe de Mexican Las Review. Columnista, La Jornada y Revista Proceso. Colaborador, MVS y Radio Fórmula.

Mario di Costanzo (Entrevista Legislativa)
10 de octubre 2011 
Diputado Federal e investigador mexicano.

Juan Francisco Belmont y 
Salvador González (Entrevista Necesaria)
3 de octubre 2011
Autores del libro colectivo “La Neta Revelada”

Jochi de Noticias-Mé (Charla informal)
26 de septiembre 2011 
Periodista y editorialista sin censura.


Luis Cárdenas López (Entrevista Especial)
19 de septiembre 2011
Periodista profesional e independiente.

Monero Hernández (Entrevista Ilustrativa)
12 de septiembre 2011
Una de las plumas más astutamente críticas de nuestro país.

Netzaí Sandoval (Entrevista Juiciosa)
5 de septiembre 2011
Redactor de la petición de juicio a Calderón ante la Corte Penal Internacional.

Jorge Saldaña (Entrevista Institucional)
29 de agosto de 201
Toda una odisea por los medios en México hecha hombre.

Gerardo Fernández Noroña (Entrevista Real)
22 de agosto de 2011
Verdadero representante social en el Congreso.

15 de agosto de 2011:
Club Naturista, testimonio de qn reportero, policía y abogado

1 de agosto de 2011:
Arturo Dice, vlogger de YouTube que propone soluciones

19 de julio de 2011:
Mona Lisa de La Nueva República tiende puentes con el5antuario

  • Social Problems That Are Happening In Mexico

    Buenos dias! Today, in this article, we would like to discover the social problems that often occur in Mexico. Before we proceed to the main points, it is much better for us to know first the background of the country of Mexico. Mexico is also recognized with its official name, United Mexican States. The type of government that rules Mexican society is the Republic of Federated States.  Mexico, a country that is located in southern North America and it ranks as the third biggest country in Latin America, after Brazil and Argentina. The population that lives in Mexico is approximately 125, 959, 205 people. Unfortunately, similar to another social system in any country, the society that lives in Mexico is defined and characterized by certain indicators. The indicators that characterise them are wealth,  poverty and social classes. Sometimes, these indicators could be the hints of roots about emerging issues among society. The issues that occur in Mexican society are definitely at an alarming rate and catch the attention of media and law practitioners, journalists, and the public. Thus, we are interested in finding out the types of social problems that happen in this country that leave a big impact on the society and reputation of the country.

    1. Insecurity, Crime and Drug Trafficking 

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    3 years ago, in 2019, the Statista carried out the survey to analyse the most important problems affecting Mexico according to the opinion of leaders and journalists. 55% leaders and journalists gave their standpoints that insecurity, crime and drug trafficking was the most vital issue that was concerning and alarming among Mexican society. This social problem continuously affects the wellbeing and advancement of certain Mexican society to thrive and step out from drug abuse. It is obvious that drugs are the biggest enemy for anyone regardless of age, religion and social status. The talents of potential youth could not be developed and nurtured if drugs influence their mind and sanity. Other than that, several groups of people would be proud and find that involving in crimes, for instance, selling drugs and pills would make a living for them and the family.  

    Did you know that most of the adult population in Mexico do not feel safe in the place that they live? Unfortunately, this is the life that they live in reality. A reliable survey depicts insecurity among adults in Mexico in percentage and the percentage is too high. According to the Statista, in March until April 2022,  75.9% of the adult people in Mexico feel threatened in the federal entity or state where they inhabit. It is deeply heart-breaking to know that if the adults do not even feel safe, the children would be more scared to play around with friends with a carefree feeling. 

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    2. Corruption

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    Similar to the most common problem that is faced by any country in the world, the issue of corruption transcends the borders. Mexico is not excluded from experiencing this filthy moral declination. Even the latest NFT news in the NFT market witnesses the fraud activity!  The statement is being confirmed with the survey from Statista. In 2019, Statista recorded that 25% of leaders and journalists gave their stance that corruption in Mexico is the second most important problem to overcome. In fact, the corruption issue in Mexico affects the bilateral diplomatic ties between Mexico and The United States. Corruption is a concerning challenge in Mexico that weakening the stability in politics, economic development, the enforcement of law, efforts to combat organized crime and the effectiveness of public services. This issue is a key contributor to the worse reputation of Mexico in the eyes of foreigners and even the Mexicans themselves. A Mexican politician, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has emphasized on combating money laundering and his empowerment of Mexico’s Financial Intelligence Unit are positive developments to Mexican society and the country. However, political pressure has disrupted these initiatives.

    3. Lack Of Economic Growth 

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    Corruption issues and slow growth of the economy in Mexico have the correlation between each other. According to Transparency International, Mexico is among the most corrupt member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Thus, promoting and ensuring economic development in Mexico becomes the major issue to be properly handled by the experts. It is because corruption is a major obstacle that becomes a hindrance to let the prosperity of the economy in Mexico happen and creates extreme inequality. Even without corruption, Mexico’s economy would be slowing down, but because of it, the nation is much less competitive on the world stage. Corruption coexists with other problems like weak institutions, inadequate infrastructure, insufficient education, and stagnant innovation. The majority of workers in Mexico are exploited and lacking in social protection and labour in the illegal economy. They are left in underemployment situations that result in poverty because they are unable to locate alternative employment opportunities.

    4. Gender Violence Or Femicide

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    Femicide is defined as the unlawful taking of a female victim’s life for gender-based motives. Women’s and girls’ murders are included in statistics on femicide since they are seen to be gender-based crimes. In the 1990s, after more than 370 women and girls were killed in Ciudad Juárez, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, it became a global symbol of gender-based violence. The first iteration of the AVGM (Alert Mechanism for Gender Violence against Women) was adopted in 2007. The AVGM requires local authorities to investigate the situation and take action to end gender-based violence by allowing individuals to request the declaration of a “gender alert” in municipalities where violence against women is on the rise. 25 AVGMs have been declared as of October 2021 in 22 of Mexico’s 32 states.


    In conclusion, these social problems that occur in Mexican society do hinder the underprivileged  from developing and prospering. Therefore, it is important to overcome these problems! 

  • People Perception on Marriage and Pregnancy

    Society highlighted that marriage is a sacred and beautiful thing. It is an event where two lovely souls united under their vows of living and loving each other until death does their part. Years after years, society has shifted. A part of society thinks marriage is a joke. 

    There are steps taken and matters to consider before you get on your knees and propose. Believe it or not, love is not enough for marriage these days. You will need to trust your partner and give them the benefit of doubt to last longer in the relationship. But once they cheated, leave them and never look back again. Once a cheater always a cheater. 

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    You don’t need the perfect job before you marry. What you need is a stable income. Doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or an office worker, as long as you have savings that could last for ten years, then you can go down on your knees. Wedding preparation can be overwhelming especially if your mother gets involved. 

    Before you get married, plan your finances. Sit down and talk with your partner and consider taking some insurance plans such as death insurance or looking for insurance plans for babies malaysia or probably investing some money in stocks. If anything happens to both of you, at least your children will have some financial aid to help them get the life they should. 

    In Mexico, weddings are held as extravagantly as possible. There is a long list of guests because Mexicans tend to have big families. However, close family and friends will be seated near the bride and groom’s table. Mexican weddings also will serve their food later in the ceremony. You will be so hungry that you will devour and taste the mouth-watering dishes with a satisfying moan. 

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    On the night of the wedding, there will be another closed ceremony where the bride and groom will be performing a traditional dance as a part of their culture. Afterwards, other guests will fill up the dance floor and dance the night away. The venue will be lit up with colourful lights and decorations to make the surroundings brighter and more cheerful as the signature that marks a happy day for the happy couple. 

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    Pregnancy in the Mexican community is also deemed as something holy and sacred. The baby is considered a gift from God and needs to be taken care of as great as it could. There is some tradition that Latina women would follow when they are carrying a baby. 

    A pregnant woman could not shower with cold water and shower with lukewarm water instead. Not too hot and not too cold, just right in between the temperature. It is to prevent shockwaves that will flow through the mother’s body and affect the baby. The baby needs to be in the best condition so it can come out as healthy as a horse. 

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    While pregnant, it is highly advised for women to drink hot soup to give nutrients to the baby. The soup usually will be prepared by the elders in the family. The recipe differs between families so you may ask your Mexican friend what are theirs. In modern days, mothers make hot soup by themselves. As long as the ingredient is great for the baby, everything is good. 

    Mexicans also believe that abstaining from sex in pregnancy is a good thing to do. Pretty sure most traditions and doctors also recommended the same thing. Abstaining from sex can help a woman to focus on taking care of their baby. 

    After giving birth, Mexican women are expected to undergo la cuarentena, the first 40 days of postpartum in quarantine. During these 40 days, they will reside with their mother and focus on getting their health back on track. While also learning to take care of their baby; breastfeed etc. 

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    Mexicans believe that childbirth means the woman’s body is open. La cuarantena is the time to close up the body. When it is open, there is a high chance for the disease to affect the mother. So to avoid that, they need to rest and make sure their body is healthy again. 

    A postpartum faja (a girdle) is commonly used in cuarentena rituals to assist the abdomen return to its previous size more quickly. Although many modern Mexican women prefer not to wear maternity wear due to its constrictive and painful nature, these postpartum fajas are intended to support and tone the stomach after giving birth.


    Marriage and pregnancy among Mexicans are beautiful and sacred things that everything has the tradition that they need to follow. Tradition may be starting to lose in the modern days but some traditions just would not get away that easily. It needs to be treasured so that the newer generation could learn and understand their culture and tradition. The younger generation should be exposed to these traditions even though they seemed to be not as relevant as it was back then.

  • Chaos in Sri Lanka
    Teh Talk

    Do you know about the latest news swirling around about the situation in Sri Lanka? Well, I’m sure we all know the crisis Sri Lanka is currently facing now, the country is in major debt, thus, making the president of the country to flee out of the country. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka fled to the Maldives on Wednesday, just hours before he was supposed to step down. The country has been declared in an emergency by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. You can also check out on Teh Talk about the latest world news.

    As questions about the country’s future swirl, Sri Lanka’s president has fled to Singapore before emailing his resignation.

    According to a high-ranking security source in Colombo, embattled President Gotabaya Rajapaksa arrived in Singapore on a flight from the Maldives on Thursday. He had been in the Maldives for just over 24 hours after fleeing Sri Lanka’s commercial capital on Wednesday, the same day he was supposed to resign following massive protests against his rule over the weekend.

    Singapore confirmed that Rajapaksa arrived and was allowed to enter the country on a “private visit,” but that he did not seek or receive asylum.

    According to the speaker’s office, Rajapaksa then tendered his resignation in an email to parliamentary speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, though the office cautioned that “we cannot accept such an email at face value.”

    Where Is The President?

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    Rajapaksa was expected to step down on Wednesday, paving the way for new leadership. Instead, he and his wife boarded a military plane early Wednesday morning and flew from Colombo to the Maldives.

    According to a high-ranking security official, the plane was denied permission to land in the Maldives until former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed – now speaker of the Maldivian Parliament – intervened. Nasheed’s spokesperson did not confirm or deny the intervention.

    The Maldives and Sri Lanka are neighbours; Male, the Maldivian capital, is only a 90-minute flight from Colombo. And Nasheed and the Rajapaksas have a history of working together. During anti-government protests in the Maldives in 2012, Nasheed and his wife sought political asylum in Sri Lanka, which was then led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the current president’s brother. 

    Although the Maldivian government has not confirmed Rajapaksa’s presence in the country, Sri Lankans living in the Maldives took to the streets of Male on Wednesday to protest his reported arrival.

    According to a senior military source familiar with the situation, Rajapaksa left the Maldives on Thursday for the Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore. According to the source, the president took a “Saudi flight.” CNN believes the source was referring to Saudia flight 788, which took off from Male at 11:30 a.m. Thursday local time. Saudia is the country’s flag carrier. CNN attempted to contact Saudi but received no response.

    Teh Talk

    Later that day, Rajapaksa arrived in Singapore, and the Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, “It is confirmed that Mr. Rajapaksa has been allowed entry into Singapore on a private visit.” He has not applied for asylum and has not been granted any. In general, Singapore does not grant asylum requests.

    The office of Sri Lanka’s parliamentary speaker, Abeywardena, confirmed to CNN Thursday that he had received an email containing Rajapaksa’s resignation, but added that the “legality of it needs to be determined.” “It has been shared with the appropriate authorities for verification,” the office stated. “We hope to make a statement about it tomorrow [Friday] morning once we have official confirmation and it has been legally verified.”

    Abeywardena’s office added that a paper copy of the letter is expected, but that it will take longer because it will be sent from Singapore.

    According to the country’s constitution, Rajapaksa’s resignation would not be considered official until the speaker received a letter of resignation.

    After the resumption of parliament on July 16, a new president was to be elected on July 20 but that timeline is now on hold.

    Rajapaksa’s departure marks a watershed moment for the island nation, which his family ruled with an iron fist for much of the previous two decades before losing the trust of its once adoring citizens.

    What Is Going On With The Protest?

    Teh Talk

    After several days of escalating protests, Colombo appeared calm on Thursday, with a curfew declared from noon to 5 a.m. on Friday. Protesters set fire to Wickremesinghe’s private residence in an affluent neighbourhood and swam in Rajapaksa’s private pool last weekend, making for one of the most dramatic demonstrations yet. Following a standoff with armed police, hundreds of protesters stormed the prime minister’s office compound in Colombo on Wednesday. Protesters also stormed the offices of Sri Lanka Rupavahini, the state broadcaster.

    Protesters thronged the prime minister’s office, waving the Sri Lankan flag and singing. Some poured out onto balconies and flung open windows, raising their fists at the assembled crowd. To disperse the crowds, police used tear gas and water cannons.

    The Five Points Explaining The Crisis In Sri Lanka

    Teh Talk
    1. Months of protests have erupted on the island nation in response to rising food and fuel prices. Sri Lanka’s foreign reserves have nearly depleted, leaving it unable to purchase food and essential goods from other countries.
    2. According to government data, the cost of everyday goods has risen dramatically, with inflation exceeding 50%. Long power outages and a lack of medicines have pushed the health-care system to the brink of collapse.
    3. Following Rajapaksa’s departure, there has been no official statement from Sri Lankan authorities. His younger brother Basil, a former finance minister, has also fled, according to the BBC. His two other brothers, Mahinda and Chamal, are unaccounted for.
    4. Sri Lanka has fallen into an economic crisis as a result of mismanagement by successive governments. The 2019 serial bomb blasts in Colombo had a significant impact on the country’s tourism sector, which is one of the most important revenue generators for the economy. The Covid pandemic aggravated matters.
    5. Sri Lanka has fallen into an economic crisis as a result of mismanagement by successive governments. The 2019 serial bomb blasts in Colombo had a significant impact on the country’s tourism sector, which is one of the most important revenue generators for the economy. The Covid pandemic aggravated matters.
  • What Pregnant Women Should Know Before Travel To Mexico

    Mexico has such an overall bad reputation, which is unfair. Most countries have their own fair share of struggles. Then, the best parts of Mexico are rarely visited or talked about. If you want to travel, but are scared because of your pregnancy, you don’t have to. Moms love their babies so much that they would buy gentle body wash for babies Malaysia and take some precautions while travelling. In this post, we will look at what pregnant moms should know before travelling to Mexico.

    Is Traveling to Mexico While Pregnant Safe?

    When going to Mexico while pregnant, there are several possible problems that you should be aware of before considering whether or not coming to Mexico is safe for you.

    Travelling to Mexico while pregnant is generally safe, but any medical or pregnancy issues you may have should be considered. Also, before making any trip plans, see your obstetrician-gynaecologist. According to ACOG, travelling is generally safe up until roughly 36 weeks of pregnancy. If the airline demands confirmation of your due date before flying, your ob-gyn can supply it.

    If you’re travelling to Mexico while pregnant, there are several measures and concerns you should make ahead of time.

    Time Suitable to Fly 

    According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the safest period for a woman to travel is between 14 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. This is when you will be at your most energetic. You also have the lowest chance of having a spontaneous abortion or going into labour early. 

    The optimum time to fly is definitely during the second trimester. Morning sickness is most likely gone from the first semester. Later on, your protruded belly may make flying in planes more difficult.


    Consult your doctor and discuss the trip information before booking. If your doctor has cleared you to travel, follow these safety and health measures before and during your journey.

    Moreover, don’t forget to check policies with the airlines and your insurance company. 

    After 36 weeks, airlines advise against travelling. So, ask about your carrier’s policies for pregnant passengers. Also, ask whether a note from your doctor confirming your due date is required. Check your health-care plan as well. What if you need medical assistance or delivery at your destination? Are you secure?

    Avoid Traveling To Mexico if: 

    If you have issues like those listed below, please avoid travelling. It entails: 

    • Miscarriage
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Premature labour or premature membrane rupture
    • Low or high blood pressure, diabetes, or preeclampsia in pregnancy
    • Your doctor will also likely discourage travel:
    • Going to high altitudes places (more than 12,000 feet)
    • To areas with serious infections, viruses & disease outbreaks
    • If your destination requires live virus vaccines for protection

    Zika Virus


    The Zika virus is most often transmitted to people through mosquito bites. It usually happens in tropical and sub-tropical areas all around the globe. Most people who were infected with Zika virus have little to no signs and symptoms. Rash, mild fever and muscle pain might be the only symptoms that anyone could face. 

    You can be sick for a few days to a week. However, if you contract Zika while pregnant, the virus can infect your kid. Infection with the Zika virus while pregnant might create major issues for your kid.

    If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, avoid visiting a Zika-affected location unless absolutely necessary. If you must go, make sure you and your family are protected against mosquito bites. CDC travel advisories are updated often.

     Food and Drinks Precautions 

    As a pregnant woman, you have to be cautious about food and drinks. 

    To be healthy, the CDC recommends that you take these food and safety precautions:

    • Eat only freshly cooked and hot meals (avoid food that has been sitting at room temperature such as a buffet)
    • Raw or undercooked meat or fish should not be consumed.
    • Do not consume tap water or anything containing ice.
    • Only consume factory-sealed liquids such as water, soda, and juices.
    • Eat only pasteurized dairy products.
    • If you acquire a traveller’s diarrhoea, drink lots of safe liquids while you wait for it to pass on its own. Bismuth-containing drugs, such as Pepto-Bismol, should be avoided. Pregnant women should avoid using these drugs.

    Before you go, ask your doctor for a list of recommended drugs to take if you have traveller’s diarrhoea.

    You may need to modify your habits if you’re used to eating street cuisine and drinking local water when travelling elsewhere. It’s quite uncomfortable to endure a diarrheal foodborne infection when pregnant. Bottled water is highly recommended. 

    Packing the Essentials 

    Anti-nausea medicine and compression socks, as well as lots of water and food, are all items pregnant women should carry with them on a journey. However, many women do not consider bringing their prenatal records as well. 

    man kissing his pennant's wife belly

    Always have access to your prenatal data when travelling. So, bring them along! If you give birth while away from home, the new hospital or doctor will be able to view your medical records and be prepared. You’ll also need a note from your healthcare physician if you’re travelling near your due date. If your due date is within four weeks of your journey, you must present a doctor’s certificate confirming that you’ve been evaluated and are able to fly, according to some airline companies like American Airlines. 


    Finally, you must decide whether or not travelling to Mexico while pregnant is safe for you and your child. Although there are several possible problems to consider before travelling, meeting with your healthcare physician and developing a thorough travel plan are critical factors to consider when considering your safety. Also, get your baby some gentle body wash for babies in Malaysia. 

    Read more regarding countries and cultures here.

  • Mexican Perception on Sex

    Sex is part of human nature. Like it is essential. Let’s see how Mexican culture act in dating, marriage and their sex life. It is pretty interesting. 

    sex toys Malaysia
    IN THE HEIGHTS, from left: Melissa Barrera, Stephanie Beatriz, Leslie Grace, Dascha Polanco (top), Daphne Rubin-Vega, 2021. ph: Macall Polay / © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

    How about Mexicans and sex? When it comes to women, premarital virginity might bring up mixed emotions among Latina women. Despite acknowledging the relationship between cultural standards about virginity, some young Latinas report having sexual relations prior to marriage without feeling ashamed, shamed, or dishonoured. 

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    Others, on the other hand, regret past sexual behaviour, and many reports utilise “secondary chastity” as a coping mechanism. As a result, retaining virginity until marriage is a cultural norm, but it’s unclear how this influences young women’s conduct. Additionally, other powerful sexuality ideas and values may contrast with the assumption that virginity is vital.

    These are some of Mexican’s strengths when it comes to dating, marriage, culture and sex: 

    Dating Among Mexicans 

    According to a review from sexually risk mitigation programmes, interventions must focus on the development of skills, particularly sexual communication, rather than respondents and attitude change. Skills and communications are not sufficient when working with young Latinos. The cultural and gender ideas of Latino youth are a bit different from the rest of the Americans. So, give and take is important. Whatever it is, respect your partner’s decision and feelings.

    A Mexican city has adopted a legislative reform that allows public sexual relations and exhibitionism as long as no one objects. Police officers will still be willing to report a couple conducting sexual acts under new regulations passed in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, but only if a citizen files a written complaint.

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    Mexican dip sauces guacamole, cheedar dip, tomato salsa and pico de gallo with Nacho chips mexican food

    Dating a Mexican means you get to indulge in good food. One of the huge pointers of dating them! This is due to the fact that their culture is rich in good food.  

    Mexicans and Marriage 

    In marriage, they keep it traditional. Many Latinos still expect their husbands to be manly, to pay for everything, and to protect them. Men want women to be subservient, quiet, and “womanly” in exchange. Of course, this group of people is more likely to have completed junior high or high school and to live in rural areas. More educated persons (those pursuing a degree or a doctorate) have a more “European” dating style. Traditional or modern does not mean it is bad. Just be understanding and talk through with them. 

    Talk About Intimacy 

    First and foremost, intimacy is the key. Mexicans love intimacy. They know how to treat their partner. If possible, talk about intimacy first before discussing your sexual relations with each other. Making sure that your partner knows how much you love them and accept every inch of them is important. The relationship isn’t just about sex remember? Cuddle, caress and kiss them to show your affection. Then, you could move on by talking or bringing up about the ‘sex’ topic.

    sex toys Malaysia

    Mexican always talk about sex first. In this way, talking can help you and your partner feel more comfortable with each other. On the other hand, you must have a pretty solid relationship first. If you’re dating, ask your partner about the right time to take your relationship to the next level, how did your partner feel about sex, and what your partner likes and doesn’t like. It is advisable to talk face to face regarding this okay? Do not talk about this over text. Even if you are not comfortable, you could probably talk over a video call. 

    sex toys Malaysia

    Here is a suggestion:

    “When do you think is the right time for us to start having sex? We have to talk about when the time is right for both of us.” Or you could even be more casual about it. 

    Before going any step further in initiating sex, make sure you have clear consent from your partner and discuss safe sex options for both of you. Communication is the key and most Mexicans know how to make their partner feel safe

    Deep and Long Kissing Session

    If you haven’t had a make-out session yet then straight away talking about sex isn’t going to work out. Most Mexicans love to enforce a good kissing or make-out session. ‘Skinship’ is a way to increase intimacy between couples. Make sure that you guys are intimate enough before asking about sex. Mexican couples have a habit of kissing their partner’s cheek or just a peck on the lips. Learn from the Mexicans: get your partner into bed with you, give her a deep, long kiss than usual. Technically, maybe a kiss isn’t enough. Instead, give a touch on the neck. 

    In Conclusion

    Mexicans are really proud of their culture. It is a huge part of their life. You could even see them through their dating, marriage and sex life. If you crave sex without feelings involved then maybe you can seek friends with benefits or a one-night stand. Then, when you guys are in the bed together, time to move on to incorporating sex toys in bed. 

  • The Power Of Digital Activism Against Self-Censorship
    digital marketing malaysia

    In this day and age of technological advancement, going digital in everything that we do is the new way of life. Anyone has the power to start something – either good or bad – just through the internet, from social media sites to any digital marketing. However, there comes a point where even if you post something anonymously on the internet, very dangerous people can trace and hunt you down. Especially when you post something which is very controversial and can cost others their image. This is why, even with the unlimited space on the internet, people are still wary of their well-being, which caused them to start self-censoring

    It’s not only about expressing our own fundamental rights when it comes to the ability to express our thoughts and ideas. It also enables others to enjoy theirs by igniting public discussion, expanding the free and open flow of ideas, and enlightening people about key topics, so they can make informed voting decisions. Which is why self-censorship is such a serious danger to democracy: it restricts the spread of information and limits knowledge and understanding, whether it is conducted by journalists or even the public at large. It creates a vacuum into which the government or its accomplices may step in and redefine truth and persuade voters via manipulation and misinformation. It is evident not just in historically authoritarian regimes, but also in a growing number of other countries.

    digital marketing malaysia

    However, many brands today are stepping up their game and decide to integrate their digital marketing with activism as well. This act itself is a turning point for the public since almost all businesses prefer to keep themselves away from any controversial topics. But, seeing famous and established brands continue with digital activism, it consequently paves the way for the public to avoid self-censorship and be more open with their speech. This is why digital marketing in Malaysia and other parts of the world today, have involved themselves in activism with brand marketing. Many still question these brands, if what they are doing is genuine or simply a marketing strategy. Regardless, this article aims to uncover the power of digital activism and whether it helps against self-censorship.

    The impact of self-censorship on freedom of expression.

    Most of us restrict what we say on a daily basis in order to comply with societal conventions. Others who have controversial opinions are unwilling to discuss them with people they don’t trust. But this isn’t what we mean when we say “self-censorship,” but rather the “social filter” that we all use, and for good cause. The problem comes when this “social filter” is gradually enlarged to encompass more and more subjects, leading to further self-censorship and greater stifling of public discussion and expression.

    digital marketing malaysia

    Individuals are also growing more hesitant to express their opinions due to a concerted push by far-right movements and related media to foment division and divisiveness. Their extremist viewpoints are extensively disseminated. This can inspire those on the other end of the political spectrum to speak up, but it is especially harmful to moderates, who are more prone to self-censor for fear of being chastised by both sides.

    As a result, most people self-censor in order to prevent professional or personal harm. A newspaper may self-censor its content to safeguard its revenue by avoiding the wrath of its readers or advertisers. Alternatively, they may self-censor because particular rules or regulations prevent them from publishing something that they would otherwise publish. However, one of the most dangerous forms of self-censorship is when the person or entity censoring themselves feels pressured or threatened to do so.

    How digital activism can help.

    digital marketing malaysia

    A rising trend among companies in recent years, particularly around 2020, has been an emphasis on diversity, authenticity, and responsibility. The dawn of a new age was marked by the Black Lives Movement, which saw numerous companies take a position against institutional racism and police brutality. Companies have made solemn vows and denounced the conduct of police agencies who failed to operate in good faith, putting themselves on the front lines of social concerns that continue to haunt our society. They aided the cause by uploading blacked-out Instagram photos or tweets to raise public notice.

    Because most brands did not have a direct contact route with their consumers before the emergence of social media, not every company felt inclined to take a statement on social problems. Consumers did not anticipate to hear where their favourite clothes and beverage businesses stood on certain social issues at the time of this. Companies now have a great tool to develop a direct engagement with their consumers thanks to social media, which has raised consumer expectations for brands to express their thoughts on issues they care about. 

    digital marketing malaysia

    When well-known brands are making headlines and marketing on social issues, this would also affect consumers’ beliefs and thoughts on the matter. Companies and brands are not the only ones that can perform digital activism, influencers, celebrities and members of the public can join in as well. This would consequently limit the act of self-censorship while building a better tomorrow for society and human rights. 

    More articles like this here

  • How the Internet Can Be Dangerous To The Younger Generation

    We use the internet almost every second of every day in our life. Especially nowadays where we can easily install the Unifi Malaysia into our house and everyone can easily surf the Internet to see and read anything that they want. Yes, having the Internet does make our life much easier in terms of every aspect from education to working and even health. However, just like everything, there are always pros and cons, positive and negative. 

    Unifi Malaysia

    The internet may be a hazardous place for everyone, but children and teenagers are particularly at risk. Online dangers may have serious, expensive, and even catastrophic effects, ranging from cyber predators to social media posts that can come back to haunt individuals later in life. Children may unintentionally expose their families to online hazards by downloading malware that gives cyber thieves access to their parents’ bank accounts or other sensitive information. It’s all about knowing when it comes to protecting children on the internet—knowing what hazards are lurking and how to avoid them.
    So how does the Internet actually can be dangerous especially to the younger generation? Well, here we are about to discover how the Internet platform can actually be really harmful to children.

    Unifi Malaysia

    Cyberbullying. We all know and have heard about cyberbullying and it is no longer something that is weird to be discussed. However, as an adult sometimes we don’t really see how serious cyberbullying can be. The great majority of teenagers, 90 percent, feel cyberbullying is a problem, and 63 percent believe it is a significant one. Furthermore, according to a 2018 study on children’s online behavior, roughly 60% of children who use social media have observed some type of bullying, with the majority of youngsters ignoring the behavior for various reasons. According to, over half of all young people (47%) had been victims of cyberbullying as of February 2018. Today’s virtual playground is social media and online gaming, and it’s where a lot of cyberbullying happens, and it’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In social media conversations, children might be mocked. In some serious cases, the impact on the victim can lead to more serious effects like self-harm, depression, and even suicide. With how serious this issue is becoming, there are a lot of countries that have decided to take things into their own matter by founding and advertising about cyberbullying and how it can impact one life. 

    Unifi Malaysia

    Other than that, with how easy the Internet can be accessed by everyone it is now has become a platform where criminals will do their crimes. From scamming to frauding, identity theft, and also child predators. Children are naive and innocents and they like to believe that everyone is a good human being, that is why they are the main target by these awful predators. Predators of the Internet. Sexual and other predators frequently pursue youngsters on the internet these days, preying on their naivety, lack of adult supervision, and trust. This can lead to youngsters being drawn into potentially deadly real-life situations. These predators hide on kid-friendly social media and gaming platforms—the same virtual spaces where anonymity encourages cyberbullying. They can take advantage of children’s naivety as well as their talent for creativity. “Let’s play pretend” is a frequent and good component of online gaming and engagement, but predators might exploit it to entice youngsters to join them. That is why it is really important for them to be supervised by adult figures every time they are using the Internet so that we are aware of who they are communicating with online. 

    Unifi Malaysia

    Social boundaries are not yet understood by children. They may disclose personally identifiable information (PII) that should not be made public online, such as on their social media sites. This might include everything from photos of unpleasant personal situations to their home addresses or vacation plans with their families. Much, but not all, of what your children publish is visible to the general public. This implies you can see it as well—and it’s not a bad idea to tell them that if parents can see it, then so can everyone else. Avoid spying, but talk openly with your children about public limits and what they represent for them and your whole family.

    Unifi Malaysia

    In conclusion, the Internet can be a platform where children can learn but it can also be a dangerous platform for children as they are always the main target of every crime. That is why it is important for us the adult to educate them and let them know that the Internet is not a safe place. Children are at risk when they use the internet. It also has the potential to unlock doors of wonder for them that earlier generations could not have imagined. Assist your children in maintaining their online safety so that they may enjoy the benefits and possibilities of the internet while avoiding the dangers. Be alert of your surroundings. Maintain vigilance. But, above all, be actively involved in your children’s digital and day-to-day life, and speak honestly with them.

  • Malaysian Semiconductor Industry In The Future Of The Defense Industry

    A number of various phases and procedures are involved in the semiconductor supply chain, starting with advanced Integrated Circuit (IC) Design, IC Manufacturing, IC Assembly & Test, before being incorporated into electronic and electrical products via electronics manufacturing services (EMS).

    Malaysian semiconductor companies are usually in the middle to lower part of the semiconductor value chain, providing outsourced services and testing for multinational corporations like Broadcom Inc, Intel Corp, Advanced Micro Devices Inc, Infineon Technologies AG, or providing equipment or parts for other semiconductor companies or involved in EMS.

    The Bursa Technology Index (KLTEC), which measures the performance of Malaysian technology companies, has risen by almost 20% so far this year, continuing its excellent run that began in 2020 and saw the index rise by an incredible 86.6%, far beating the benchmark FBM KLCI. Malaysia’s technology sector is dominated by semiconductor-related firms, with 10 of the top 11 KLTEC names involved in various stages of the semiconductor value chain.

    The ten corporations collectively account for over 70% of Malaysia’s entire market capitalization in the technology sector. Technology industry fortunes in Malaysia are closely linked to worldwide semiconductor demand.

    Malaysia’s defense industry

    For a nation to have a strong defense industry, research and development must be coordinated across all sectors successfully, and the technical advances in the defense industry will trickle down to other sectors of the economy. The Internet, GPS, and SIRI were all developed, tested, and proved in defense first, before being used in civilian applications after that period of development.

    A strong defense sector also signifies that a country has the engineering capacity to fend for itself in times of war or crisis across the board.

    Of all, the ultimate goal of a robust industry is to produce respectable jobs for Malaysians. Ever since the first Lima, the country’s defense sector has advanced significantly. However, in my opinion, it does not go far enough. If we properly organize ourselves and release the full power of our people, we can do more than we have so far.

    Malaysia’s 11th growth plan (2016-2020) calls for a greater emphasis on well-being and security for the population. During the historic era, Malaysia’s defense budget shrank by -6.79 percent from US$4.6 billion in 2015 to US$3.4 billion in 2019. The reduced share of GDP devoted to the defense sector is one of the main reasons for the decline in the defense budget. Other new procurement plans have been put on hold, as Malaysia prefers to modernize existing equipment in order to save money. Frame structure makers for semiconductor industries in Malaysia could be an example of this issue. As part of its effort to restore economic equilibrium, the Malaysian government is implementing significant financial reforms.

    Malaysian defense spending is predicted to grow at a 1.61 percent CAGR over the forecast period, reaching US$3.7 billion in 2024. The military’s modernization projects, national investments in UN peacekeeping missions, and regional debates with neighboring countries, such as Brunei over Limbang, Louisa, and Mariveles, Indonesia over Ambalat, the Philippines over Ardasier and Erica, and Thailand over Ko Kra and Ko Losin, were the major drivers of Malaysian defense expenditure during the historic period. The country is estimated to spend a total of US$18 billion from 2020 to 2024 if the current trend continues.

    Whether Malaysia is only a dealer or a producer of exportable commodities is a recurring debate in the defense sector. To put it bluntly, most of the people working in the industry are “commission agents” or “postmen” who sell weapons to the Defense Ministry and the Malaysian armed services on behalf of international original manufacturers as local agents in Malaysia.

    We’ll have to get it right if we believe that industrial policy for the defense industry is necessary. Corporate welfare or worse, cronyism is the alternative name for an industrial strategy that uses both carrots and sticks to achieve success. Malaysia’s defense sector must seek to be an exporter as well as a supplier to the Malaysian government.

    Covid-19 will have long-term benefits for the semiconductor industry.

    Despite the fact that Covid-19 had a detrimental impact on the industry in the first half of 2020, the pandemic did not stop it from recovering; rather, it only delayed it. Despite a modest decline in the first half of 2018, global semiconductor sales increased 7.7% year over year (YoY) in 2020’s fourth quarter. The global semiconductor market will generate US$440 billion (RM1.82 trillion) in sales by 2020, representing a YoY rise of 6.8%, according to the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS).

    In reality, the actual figure was higher than the previous expectation of US$433 billion in December 2020. All main product categories have grown in recent years, with the exception of optoelectronics and discrete semiconductors.

    Sensors (10.7 percent) and Memory (11.1 percent) were the two biggest drivers of growth (10.4 percent ). Global growth is expected to be 21.3% in 2020, with Europe showing a marked decline of 5.8%. Japan and the Asia Pacific area are expected to have a single-digit growth rate.

    As the semiconductor industry moves toward digitization and new technologies promote chip demand, we anticipate that Covid-19 will have a favorable effect. In the future, WSTS expects global semiconductor market revenues to reach US$488 billion in 2021, an increase of 11.2% YoY. The figures have been revised from the earlier estimate of US$452 billion and a YoY growth rate of 5.1 percent to accurately represent the stronger-than-expected demand.

  • How Domestic Violence Affects The Victims?

    If you look at the news today, you can see the increasing number of reports under domestic violence and abusive relationships and most of them were exposed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Before I start sharing about the effects of domestic violence, I will share briefly about what domestic violence actually is. It is when someone uses violence or manipulation to keep power and control over someone close to them. Violent acts, intimidation, threats, insults, and psychological manipulation are all possibilities. It happens not only in a family but also in a relationship (abusive relationship)

    Domestic violence is one of the cases that are rarely talked about in Malaysia because some people might say “Oh, that is how their parents teach their children” “Oh, that is just mild beating that causes no harm” and so on. Without them realising it, domestic violence is one of the main reasons for trauma, anxiety, depression, anger issues and so on. It is like a spreading virus that affects from one person to another.

    Types of Abuse

    Abuse is not only when someone beats you out of anger but there are also other types of abuse such as emotional and mental abuse, and verbal abuse. That is the form of abuse that people usually do in domestic violence. So today, I will share some types of abuse that we can commonly find in any abusive household.

    Physical Abuse

    mediator panel

    Physical abuse is the most common type of abusive behaviour that we can see. Strangulation, slapping, punching, kicking, shaking, or pushing are examples of direct assaults on the body that may include the use of weapons or objects. Throwing items, denial of food, and property destruction are all examples of physical abuse. I personally have seen my friends living in an abusive home where their father will always beat them out of nowhere.

    Sexual Abuse

    mediator panel

    Sexual abuse is a form of violence perpetrated by an assailant against someone they consider to be weaker than themselves. It is a crime done with the intent of dominating and humiliating the victim, rather than stemming from an uncontrolled sex urge. If you ask me, rape, unwanted or coerced sexual engagement, sexual threats and insults, limiting contraceptive access, or refusing to use a condom are all examples of sexual abuse. It is commonly seen in a household because most people are not aware that even if a forced sex between a married couple is considered as rape. Sexual abuse also happens to kids of both genders; boy and girl.

    Emotional Abuse

    mediator panel

    Emotional abuse is something that cannot be seen and some people might not know about it until they are big enough to understand it. In general, a relationship is emotionally abusive when a person’s self-esteem is eroded and their mental health is jeopardized by a pattern of abusive remarks and bullying acts. It is basically the peak of all types of abuse because no matter what types of abuse one has experienced, it leads to emotional and mental issues.

    Those are not all, but that is some of the most common types of abuse that you can find at the courtroom and police station and that not many people are talking about it. In some cases, the victims might need to hire a mediator panel (for custody) especially when the victim is a kid because it is hard to justify the truth if the predators are family members itself.

    How Does It Affect The Victim?

    Anyone in the community can be affected by domestic abuse, regardless of their wealth, status, gender, age, ethnicity, or culture. However, the majority of victims are women and children, while the majority of abusers are males. It affects the victims’ physical, mental, behaviour and also the way they socialise with the others.

    Physical Effects

    The most obvious type of domestic violence is physical abuse where it involves beating, destruction of properties, not giving food and so on. It affects the physical condition of the victim either immediately or after a long time. Domestic violence that involves the physicality of the victim might cause bruises, bone fractures, head injuries and many other physical marks that can be seen depending on the level of abuse. Whereas, when the victims are abused by not getting any food, malnutrition can cause side effects such as dehydration and insomnia.

    Psychological or Mental Effects

    Domestic violence will affect the victim’s psychological health the most because being abused makes someone think that they are not good enough and it may result in severe depression and anxiety. For example, if someone has always been called out for being fat even though he/she is not even fat will cause them an eating disorder and that is one of the mental issues that will affect the victim’s behaviour, physical wellbeing and so on. They might live their lives thinking that they are not worth anything in this world. Both physical and psychological effects of domestic violence are closely related to each other.

    Change of Behaviour

    If you have always been with someone who suffers from domestic violence, you can see that their behaviour might be affected by that and it usually will be different according to what kind of violence they have been experiencing. For example, if someone grows up in an abusive family, they might end up having anger issues (and being abusive as well) because they will act the same way as they are being treated at home. This usually affects the children as they have seen that since they were a kid.  

    Domestic violence is something that should be taken seriously, trusting the victims in any situation would be better than neglecting their reports. 

  • Ways to Combat Poverty Around the World

    Anyone can be in poverty, does not matter if they are in Kajang, Puchong, Tokyo or Madrid. Poverty, without a doubt, takes a severe impact on anyone who is enslaved by it. Among the most constant discoveries in epidemiology seems to be that socioeconomically disadvantaged position, particularly destitution, has a detrimental impact on an individual’s wellbeing. Poverty is linked to a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease hypertension, infant mortality, cancer, dental issues, mental illness, asthma, lead poisoning, undernutrition, and other conditions. Therefore, the following paragraphs will discuss ways to combat poverty around the world for the better livelihood of people around the globe.


    Representation and Equality for All

    Marginalization — the institutional impediments that leave groupings of individuals lacking representation in local communities — is among the primary contributors of severe poverty.   Everyone must be considered in the procedure when making decisions in order for one country or region to be freed from poverty — particularly when coming to conclusions in the matters that establish your status in the community. Breaking barriers to academic achievements — creating significant exposure in rural parts, encouraging educators in their task to provide quality education, as well as ensuring that learning is accessible to young kids residing in fragmented regions are just a few of the main areas of emphasis for ensuring that schooling is sincerely for all.


    Employ More People

    There is a tremendous workload in the United States, yet a lot of it will not be profitable. This is where the authorities can help. Facilities investments to ageing buildings, public transit construction, and the conversion to sustainable energy sources—as well as expenditures in critical services like universities, daycare, and senior care produce both societal advantages and employment. Local hiring rules for major firms in minimal income communities have the same effect. Low-cost home construction creates jobs by rising disposable income through cutting housing expenses. More individuals could be trained if community colleges were free. Furthermore, if you think that everyone who wants to work must have a career, the government may be the final option employer.


    The Individuals Who Are Affected Must Recognize the Problems

    When challenges and conflicts are addressed by the individuals who are experiencing them, it will be more efficient. They start to develop confidence in themselves as well as the ability to collaborate on minor challenges. This implies they can utilise their first initiatives and knowledge too much more complicated difficulties and challenges. The impacted people acquire self-esteem plus the capability to detect other difficulties that have to be tackled by placing the emphasis on their original uncomplicated challenges or difficulties. 


    Form an Organised Group inside the Society

    Create a community-wide organisation to assist many persons instead of just a few persons. Rather than engaging with individuals, it is much more beneficial to use an organisation to support communal and organised efforts to improve and elevate impoverished people. Thus, this suggests that providing aid to those impacted is insufficient; instead, each person must be cultivated and efforts are needed to overcome their problems, as well as future concerns, through a collective organisation.


    Improve Education Access

    According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), if all children in limited income nations had only basic reading abilities (and nothing else), an approximated 171 million individuals would be able to overcome severe poverty. We can reduce world poverty by over 50 per cent of all adolescents finished higher schooling. Knowledge improves skills and talents, reduces vulnerabilities and risks, and adjusts several of the disparities that result from marginalisation.

    Put an End to Mass Incarceration

    The United States is home to over a third of the globe’s prisoners. The battle on substances, as well as police surveillance of youthful brown or black males, has wreaked devastation on Latino and African American households, taking dads from the labour and separating them from their kids. Many firms avoid hiring persons with even small criminal histories, and also many parolees are housing, denied credit and sometimes even educational opportunities.

    Prioritize Climate Change

    Climate change resistance is particularly significant and needs its own section. Climate change, as per the World Bank, may push an extra 100 million people into absolute poverty within the next century if no immediate action is taken. We can’t stop most of those current tragedies hitting the planet, from floods in Bangladesh, Sahel droughts to Cyclone Idai.  However, we can assist the populations most susceptible to these disasters in being more prepared to defend their crops, livelihood, families, and dear ones.

    It requires a while to combat poverty. Ending poverty is a difficult task, particularly when it necessitates a significant personal adjustment in individuals impacted. Empowering and facilitating impacted individuals so that they can become agents of their growth requires patience.

  • The Causes And Impact Of Child Labour

    Before we begin to deep dive into this topic, we need to thoroughly understand what is the real meaning of child labor. Just because a child is doing chores doesn’t mean that is being considered child labor. The definition of child labor is when a child is being forced to work certain jobs that are physically and mentally deprived and harmful to them. Besides, that child labor will interfere with the child’s life by not having an opportunity to go to school, having to leave school at such young age, and also not being able to live a normal life like all the other children. 

    metal company Malaysia

    Most child labor will require the children to work at hazardous, dangerous, and risky places like a construction site, agriculture site, and manufacturing. All of these are considered dangerous jobs even for an adult let alone a child. 

    Commonly the issue of child labor will take place in third-class countries, and according to an analysis that was made by CNN the highest-ranking countries when it comes to child labor are Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These are some of the top 10 places where they have the highest percentage of child labor. All child labor is considered a form of slavery and child abuse because these jobs are harming their mental, physical and emotional health. And it is considered illegal in all laws for any company to hire children as their employees and that also includes metal company Malaysia. 

    Now that we know what is child labor, we’ll be understanding more about the causes of child labor and how it’ll impact the lives of these poor children. 

    metal company Malaysia


    This is probably the main reason why child labor happens especially in third-class countries. These small delicate children need to go outside and work these dangerous jobs to support their families financially. The higher the percentage of poverty in the country the higher the percentage of child laborers will be. And typically, boys will be the main targets of child labor due to their genders. 

    Education Is Limited 

    In some countries free education is limited and even with the education they have, it is not the most high-quality of education. That is why most families will force their children to go outside the world and work to earn money for the family. Due to their poverty, they believe that it is more important for these children to be earning money at such young age rather than going to school and not being able to earn money. 

    Lower Needs 

    Why most employers like to take advantage of hiring children is because children will be paid lower compared to an adult and they no that these children will not have demands any rights as a worker. This is why, child labor is considered as taking advantage of innocent small children, who have no clues on what they are doing. 

    metal company Malaysia

    Violating Laws 

    Many countries have established the law of it is illegal to hire children under a certain age as an employee. However, these laws are usually being violated by certain people and it can be hard to keep track and monitor all of these child laborers. That is they, they keep getting away from it and why it still happens even when the laws have been established. 

    Moving on to what are the consequences or impact of all of these child labors to the children themselves. 

    metal company Malaysia
    child labor

    Health Problems 

    Most child labors will require the children to work in dangerous job scope and this can be harmful to their health. Not only that, child labor will be affecting the children’s mental and emotional health. But, it can also create physical health problems like asthma, cancer, arthritis, and many harmful diseases. This is all due to the radiation exposure, the heavy-duty task, and just works that are not suitable for children. And in some cases, it can even lead to fatal. 

    Lack Of Education

    Children that have to works for certain reasons will usually choose to leave school early at such young age. To focus on earning money, and is not good for their education. As you can probably tell these children will not be having the brightest future due to their lack of education. By not having any education certificate, these children will not be able to seek a better job with better payment thus leave with them to work there for a long time. 

    Emotions Deprived 

    Needing to work hard at such young age to support their family, can cause these children to be emotionally neglected by their parents and family. After all, all children want to feel love, affection, and comfort from their parents, and not receiving that can cause them to feel lonely, depressed, rage, and other feelings. 

    Sexual Abuse 

    Because they are naive and innocent children, people will take advantage of them in many aspects. And some of them are through sexual abuse that is being done by these adults to the children. Many children will be suffering from trauma, unwanted pregnancy at such young age, HIV, etc. 

    metal company Malaysia

    In conclusion, these are the causes of child labor and how it’ll impact the lives of these children. And we need to do whatever it takes, to protect them and make sure that they are safe from any harm and dangers. 

  • Government Data And The Onset Of Cyberattacks

    Technology has increased and improved many aspects of the modern day citizen. The access of information is faster than ever, with the help of the internet and its subsequent by-product WI-FI. It has allowed us to connect in a way that was unimaginable less than 100 years ago. The world is shrinking, as one person in Australia can message their loved one in Egypt. Information is travelling faster, at lower prices – almost free of charge. 

    Cyberterrorism is growing into a large concern for heads of states. Any cyber transmissions and invasions that compromise the integrity of the country can result in a number of things, from the leakage of state secrets to the launch codes of the United States of America. Cyber security is a reality. However, as the threat of being attacked on a national scale increases, we wonder how secure data is, even on a personal level. There are several instances where individuals have had their SAP cloud platform Malaysia hacked, with data stolen or leaked for ransom. Identity theft is harder, but once one has access to an individual’s laptop, they have indefinite access to personal details.  

    SAP cloud platform Malaysia

    What Are Cyberattacks And Terrorism

    This is the attempt to steal or corrupt data through the use of the internet. What is particularly concerning about cyberattacks is how frequently they are happening. Over the past half of the 2021, powerful governments have experienced more than 200 cyberattacks. Many have been successfully evaded, but information still manages to end up in the hands of the attackers. Cyber terrorism comes with the threats of economic and political unrest. Chaos is an expensive thing and many governments are aware of this. In one case, the government of Belarus under President Alexander Lukashenko, a cyberattack attempted to overthrow the regime by attacking police databases. 

    What Kind Of Cyber Attackers Are There?

    The era of the pandemic has, according to the BBC, left us more vulnerable to the influences of hackers and cyber attackers. Not only is it because large information is being processed at the same time as billions of people are working from home, the exchange of data has intensified, and the amount of sensitive data, too. The transaction of money and its storage are being done online. Banks attempting to stay afloat and the popularity of crypto monies and online international affairs have created a feeding ground for cyber theft. 

    SAP cloud platform Malaysia


    these are hackers who often attempt to steal large sums of cryptocurrency. Experts place the loss of almost $11 trillion USD per year in four years’ time. That is how expensive data is. This is the cost of data and compromised gadgets and devices as well as corporation assets. In one incident, a hacker was able to steal about $ 600 million USD in cryptocurrency from the Poly network.  


    Hacktivists who aim to bring attention to a cause by hacking networks like Anonymous were behind several attacks, bringing light to censorship and cyber-surveillance as a breach of their rights as humans. They are still a prominent entity, even though they have been largely inactive over time. Their leftist-liberal sentiment has fueled their attempts to bring about havoc and anarchy as a means for governments to acknowledge the rights of the individual citizen. There are many other kinds who are working for a cause, as a means to an end. Whether they are attacking in symbolism of a new regime, or for financial gain or simply for the fun of the chaos they cause. The hacking of SAP cloud platform Malaysia makes it easy to imagine a larger-scale attack.   

    SAP cloud platform Malaysia

    What Does Cybersecurity Entail?

    Cybersecurity entails the protection of data from attacks. This data can be saved on networks or on devices like laptops and mobile devices, however for large bodies their security requires reinforcement and more than just a password or antivirus.

    Protecting data comes in various forms. For the common citizen, it can include secure passwords, backing up data on the cloud, duplicating onto a hard drive and many other precautions. For large corporations that store large amounts of sensitive data, security has to be stricter. Powerful viruses can easily disrupt their system and result in water cuts, power cuts or even the shut down of traffic lights. There are many things at stake since the digital age. Many aspects of living are dependent on internet connectivity. 

    For these powerful corporations and software companies, or those dealing with sensitive records, it is not unheard for them to hire the services of professional hackers who can come in and attempt to break into their systems or SAP cloud platform Malaysia. This way the companies are aware of which points require more protection or improvement.  

    Governments continue to take care of their data by updating their software and having the best IT experts on-call for consultation. There is no certainty of when incoming cyberattacks occur without the latest software and equipment. The hope is that by upgrading their programmes, it makes it hard for data to be intercepted and corrupted.

  • Covid-19: Impact On Low-Income Parents

    It is almost 3 years of the anniversary between humanity and Covid-19. So many sites cover the news about it, like el5antuarios, and more. With the word, ‘pandemic’ is no longer an alien to the daily chats, we are now slowly accepting that the outbreak might take more time than expected for it to fully lift the foot off the pedal. Acceptance is the key, but the result is now very devastating. It was back on 31 December 2019, WHO was informed of cases of pneumonia. An unknown cause and the cause was in Wuhan City, China, and it then discovered a novel coronavirus was identified as the cause by Chinese authorities on 7 January 2020 and was temporarily named “2019-nCoV”. These viruses are known for causing serious illnesses, ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. AS discovered, the novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain.  It has not been previously identified in humans and after time the new virus was subsequently named the “COVID-19 virus”.

    The WHO European Region then had become the epicenter of the pandemic by mid-March 2020. They reported over 40% of all worldwide confirmed cases and The Region accounted for 63 percent of global viral mortality as of April 28, 2020. Ever since, WHO has been working around the clock to help countries prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic since the first cases were detected. 

    mother care products Malaysia

    Thanks to BioNTech, the vaccine is made possible. The company’s founders, Ugur Sahin, 55, and Ozlem Tureci, 53, are a husband-and-wife team of researchers headquartered in the German city of Mainz as their groundbreaking laboratory work has been carried out in the shadows for many years. The quick advancement of their candidate vaccine, BNT162, has elevated them to international prominence and they have used them to concentrate on developing cancer medicines, which involved training cells to create therapeutic proteins and their company had never brought a product to market in a decade. The vaccine now has grown in so many types, fitting the same purposes helping mankind living in the new world of healthcare. 

    Malaysia is among the country that is now badly damaged by the impact of Covid-19. If we look back to 2020, the COVID-19 crisis has disproportionately affected low-income families in Kuala Lumpur. The consequences are already estimated then the study and preliminary findings of a longitudinal study commissioned by UN organizations. They are like UNFPA and UNICEF. Dr. Muhammed Abdul Khalid, the report’s lead author, heads DM Analytics, a Malaysia-based public policy, and research firm also involved in analyzing the situation. Low-income families in urban areas are significantly more likely to be unemployed. They have reduced working hours and face more barriers to healthcare and home-based learning and the COVID-19 has also exacerbated food insecurity among low-income families, forcing many to adopt less healthful diets.

    mother care products Malaysia

    Entering 2021, the issue is still in no man’s land with reports from various areas around the city of Kuala Lumpur about starvation and struggle by the poor families. The families claim that a year after the first movement control order (MCO) was implemented, low-income households in the capital city’s public housing flats remain swamped by unemployment and low earnings. That leaves them struggling to afford even the most basic requirements like food, clothes, mother care products in Malaysia, and so on. Though while unemployment has decreased since December last year when Covid-19 restrictions were released and the economy reopened, it is still 2.5 percent more than it was before the crisis. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) made the study and it says that the overall median income which excluding social assistance was likewise 5% lower than it was before the crisis. Incomes for female-headed households and disabled-earning households had improved by March of this year. But they were still low. RM1,300 and RM1,200, respectively and as a result, many of these families have been forced to rely on government assistance. With no indication that extra relief funding will be distributed when the government implements a third statewide MCO, many of these already vulnerable households fear they will be pushed over the edge and the condition will just keep worrying day after day. 

    mother care products Malaysia

    But with the latest updates in the STI industries and the strategy outlined, things should get better. Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama 2030, which is supplemented by the Dasar Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi Negara (DSTIN) 2021-2030 is one of the strategies. The 10-10 Malaysian Science, Technology, Innovation dan Economy (MySTIE) Framework, will provide the vital direction for our countrymen to not only build a better life for themselves and their children but also to assist in taking our country to the next step of its journey. The future holds great promise if all Malaysians work together in the spirit of muhibbah. The goal is to build a strong and dynamic national science, technology and innovation, and economy (STIE) ecosystem. We need to tackle the nation’s current and future challenges head-on and turning them into opportunities for learning, growth, and development and a healthy STIE ecosystem will be the best motivation. Not only to handle the current health pandemic and economic threats but also to take preventative measures to better protect the economy. The future health pandemics and global market volatility are in our hands now. 

  • 9 Key Steps to Build a Great e-Commerce Website in Malaysia

    In Malaysia, a website is essential for every business’ success. An engaging and great domain helps to achieve good results.

     Below are the best 10 steps to take having a webpage that is competitive in the online market.

    1.  Obtain a good domain name

    The website address (name) is usually the entry point for a website.

    1. Purchase a secure, scalable website 

    A website hosting provider (host) offers the services and technology required for internet viewing. 

    The domain name connected to the hosting provider users visits the site address to see what the account has. An account costs between $2 to $100 per month. 

    It depends on the type of technology, and support one chooses. Yearly plans have discounts as opposed to the monthly ones. If one gets a shared server, they share it and its resources with other customers.  

    The most expensive server is a dedicated one that makes one’s website most optimally. Its cost ranges from $100 to $2,000 per month.   

    It’s expensive for small businesses in Malaysia to get a dedicated server. A virtual private one can replace it, and costs between $20 and $50 per month.  

    One machine partitioned to act like multiple machines. It’s affordable, secure, and good performance as that of a dedicated hosting plan.

    The server interface should be easy to use to access one’s sever. One should avoid terminal commands if they do not have a professional server administrator. Besides, know the server security and daily backups for the content.

    1. . A clear description of the e-commerce (Business display)

      In e-commerce, one should make people understand what sell or the services they offer. The home page banner should have an introduction near the top of the page describing this. 

    The footer and navigation menu should have about us page links that are easily accessible for people to read about the business. The home page banner should have an introduction near the top of the page describing it.

    1.  Best content management system

    A content management content system (CMS) is a software application used to manage and create online content. It helps one to maintain their site and designed for one’s unique needs. 

    1.  A good e-commerce platform

    For customers to transact with a business person online, they should choose a platform for their business model. They include woo Commerce, Shopify, Wix, business square space and Godaddy.

    1.  An engaging and Interesting Website User Interface

    The user website interface should leave a positive impression to drive results. To achieve this, it should have easy to read fonts with good graphics compressed and optimized for faster loading. 

    Slow websites are mostly ranked low by search engines like Google. 

    Also, one needs to know their target audience to make the website easy for them to achieve results.

    Researching what competitors have in their websites helps to have the right one. The navigation system allows users to get the content faster. Besides, the contact information should have a quick call action.

    1. Optimize the small business website for Search engines

    A business optimized for search engines competes with other websites that have similar content. Good website design has a higher chance of showing on top in search result pages.

    1. Webmaster tools

    They include Google Analytics, Google search console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. They are used to track daily, weekly, and months visit the website, the number of views, time spent on the website, crawl errors, broken links, keyword that lead users to the site, back licks, and webpage download time.

    1. Website maintenance plan

    A successful website ranks well in search engine. For it to succeed it should not be hacked, one should make sure that it is well maintained.

    If you’re looking for a professional digital marketing company, you can always give Republic a call!

  • The Rich Versus The Poor: Income Disparity In Brazil

    Brazil has seen the worst of COVID 19. Children, adults, and senior citizens are dying every day in alarming numbers. As of now, they have passed over 400,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The severity of the infection in Brazil has not only taken the lives of adults and elderly people, like the rest of the world, but also the lives of babies and toddlers. Children and adults alike are the victims of the vicious disease. And of course, like any other country, the poorest witness double the severity of the infections. In Brazil, the poorest are extremely poor compared to the richest of the country. The income disparity is alarming and plays a crucial role in the spread of COVID 19. 

    Income disparity is a common problem in the south American region.  Many countries such as Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, and Brazil are suffering from the extreme condition of income inequality that is a detrimental effect of years of colonialism and authoritarian rules that exploited the rights of the weaker section of the society. The result of years of unfairness has led to a wide gap between the richest of the country and the poorest. Such is the case for Brazil. In fact, Brazil is the country with the world’s most extreme and highest income disparity and the gap with the  Gini coefficient amounting to 53.5. 

    The unequal wealth distribution has left the country devastated in so many different ways, especially during the pandemic. The wider group of the society is poorer and has significantly less access to health care compared to the rich. The mortality rate is high among the members of those from lower socioeconomic households. The economic uncertainty and the employment rate declining certainly did not help brazils’ poor and extreme wealth distribution.

    However, in all fairness, brazil has seen light in the face of inequality. Progress has been made with awareness, education, and humanitarian aids.  The slow yet undeniable progress has put many out of extreme poverty and violent situations. To be accurate almost 20 million people have been pulled out of poverty within the last decade.  On the other hand, while progress needs to be noted, the progress is nothing but painfully slow for the citizens of brazil.  With the aggressive progression of the pandemic, the numbers saw a decline, more and more people fell below the poverty line. As of January 2021, approximately 12 percent of the Brazilians were living on less than 8 dollars per day.  This is a level of extreme poverty as defined by the FGV social. Currently, more than 27 million people are living in this understood guideline of extreme poverty. 

    Figures and studies suggest that it will take at least 75 years or more for Brazil to reach the standard of the United Kingdom in terms of equality in wealth while it will take 60 years to reach the Spanish standards. The progress takes a slow turn as a result of the rampant ongoing remnant of slavery in the country, xenophobia as well as racism integrated into the society. Brazillian history is filled with stories that lead to conflict, inequality, marginalization of black people and gender-based violence. All of the factors breed the inequality position in the country. 

    Racism and prejudice truly pushed the country into the division of the rich and the poor, and certainly with not much middle ground in between. Those who are marginalized tend to live in living conditions that are considered less than adequate and safe for people.  Around 2 million people in Brazil live in slums and favelas which is also a by-product of the very discrimination and racism. Black people among Brazilians take up the majority of the lower-income jobs and informal jobs. It is said that at the current progress black people won’t see the day they earn the same as white people until the year 2089. And with the pandemic of course, we are expected to see a further push on the day we will see equality between wages.  

    Covid 19 is also raging as a result of the cultivated income inequality. Poorer people who are subjected to constant discrimination tend to live in slums and households that are overcrowded and lack the privilege of social distancing. They also tend to work in informal and domestic jobs that require them to travel, take overcrowded buses and trains to work, and work in unsanitary conditions where standard operating procedures of covid 19 are barely met. People are in close contact, subjected to contaminated water as well as highly contaminated diseases. Paired up with the diseases and the rise in covid 19 viruses, the immune system is compromised and the defense is weak against the many diseases. This creates an already deeper complication in the recovery of Brazilians from the pandemic. 

    The privileged get to stay home. While the poor have to go out and hustle for work, even in the pandemic. Many were unemployed as a result of the pandemic and were forced to travel far distances to earn an income for themselves and their families. The minimum wage was already the bare minimum, hence many have two to three odd jobs that help them carry out their financials. 

    This discrepancy in income is not only harmful to Brazilians themselves, but also the economic prosperity. With the high wage gap between various groups, there is no way Brazil can get out of its economic uncertainties.  The economic recession, in turn, has many detrimental effects on the rising violence, the conflict between races, and instability in the community.

    Brazil has a long way to go before it can attain true income equality in society. It will take years of empowerment, anti-poverty policies, reformation of tax systems and pension along with a more qualified and useful education system. Children should be given better access to secondary and higher education, especially for those coming from disadvantaged areas of brazil. Sufficient public transportation, health care, redistribution policies are major steps, but they are extremely crucial for the income equality of brazil.