How Mexico Is Battling The Covid 19 Pandemic

Covid is taking all over the world but not as much as it is taking over the innocents of Mexico. The global pandemic has been wreaking havoc in the beautiful states and islands of Mexico. Millions are infected and thousands are losing their life while fighting the pandemic. The official numbers of death do not hold a candle to the actual mortality rate in Mexico.

Mexico is currently sitting on the number fourth on the global crisis. Meaning that it is ranking fourth for the number of infections and death rate across the world. India being the worst country to be hit by covid 19, Brazil coming second, following the United states. 

According to the official numbers, the pandemic has taken the lives of more than 200,000 innocents in Mexico. However, a new study and analysis from the institute for health metrics and evaluation (IHME) have surfaced some horrifying stats of the actual covid 19 projections around the world. The new numbers highlighted that a significant number of covid 19 deaths go unreported and are not reflected in the official death count rate. The numbers are even more significant in the Latin American regions where covid 19 hit hard and paralyzed all. The true and actual number of covid 19 cannot be ever found out but studies like this can provide useful insights into the reality. And today, we uncover the truth of the pandemic in Mexico.

Hospital beds are overflowing, health workers can barely keep up with the number of rising cases, half of the patients in the hospital bed end up dead, the public hospital continues to fail the citizens and the poor have no privilege of social distancing in Mexico. Given the alarming trends and projection, the country’s president President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his administration has been under countless criticisms and fire for his Laissez-faire way of handling the global crisis. According to IHME highlights the true death toll of the pandemic in Mexico reaches up to 600,000 people. Globally this number also reached 6.9 million. Truly disturbing as it is. 

Mexican doctors and funeral directors have warned the public of the grave reality of the pandemic. A reality that is being consistently underestimated by the government of Mexico. They have warned us that the reported numbers are not even near the actual number. The government has failed to acknowledge the lack of reporting and the crisis is only progressing. The current number of deaths from Covid 19 is reportedly 17 times less than the actual death count rate and this underestimating does not help the progression of  Mexico towards a recovery.

It is hard to pinpoint the reasoning for the lack of reporting. Maybe it is the incompetence of the government or maybe it is the shaming of covid 19 patients that puts them on the track of fear. Many infections are coming from poverty struck regions of the country and people do not have access to health care or hospitals. Some fear the crowds of the hospitals, some fear the shame that comes with going. Many die at home after being severely infected from covid19. Some choose to die at home because they wish to avoid cremation and claim their rights to a traditional burial. Others simply realize the incapacitation of hospitals in Mexico and choose to stay home, which further aggravates the situation.

Mexico’s fair lack of numbers of covid 19, and its competency to develop an effective recovery plan not only lies in their death rate but also their testing rates. Mexico reportedly has one of the lowest testing rates around the world. This not only contributes to the underestimation and undercount but also contributes to the overall blindness to the real situation at hand. It also paints a fabricated picture of Mexico to the rest of the world. More than that, people who need our help are unable to get the actual help they need and they fall ill to the severity of the disease. The real catastrophe is the lack of testing is people don’t know of their sickness before worsening. Covid 19 takes a bit of time before showing their symptoms and attacking our systems for the worst. When the time comes, it is too late and several infections have spread through families, health deteriorates, and a cluster wide opens. 

The situation may be bad in Mexico, but it is not all bad news. People are seeing light at the end of the dark tunnel as Mexico shows a slight slowing down in the infection rate since the beginning of the year. The number of death is plummeting as Mexico slowly gains its immunity.

Exhausted doctors and frontline credit the vaccinations being rolled out as well as the high level of immunity achieved because of infections. Many say that half the population already has been infected with covid 19 and they all have antibodies to protect them from further infection. Millions are getting vaccinated so it also plays a significant role in the overall delay. Mexico has gone to the point that their own immune system and antibodies as the real horsepower against the pandemic. Besides the overall prevalence of antibodies, Mexico also benefited from US vaccinations and its local vaccine production plants. Americans being vaccinated played a major role because of the US-Mexico Border. The transmissions because of the border travel decreased as the number of people with immunity and vaccinations increased. The later actions taken to alleviate the extreme consequences are also taking their effect on the course. 

Mexico’s authorities are being confronted by a dreaded question of “why” when it comes to their response to the global crisis. From the beginning till now, many of their decisions have been laced with political power and privileges. The role of the health agencies and the burden and advice of doctors only took a secondary role in the covid 19 response. Many blame the government’s inability to have a coordinated response to the pandemic, their inability to close the borders, the late response, lack of dependency on scientific data and the under count of cases and lowered testing. Mexico also suffered the consequences of no proper lockdown, ineffective contact tracing, zero isolations, lack of masking, and so on. They also failed to account for new variants that come with travelers from other countries and the mutations that happened in their own community. Mexico was one of the countries with the loosest borders while the whole world closed its borders to tourists.

Mexico is in a dire need of a proper second look at its health care system. They must address their mistakes and learn accountability in the face of the pandemic. They must also address the inequality in health services and the ineffectiveness of protocols placed. There is a lot to be learned and a lot to be implemented in terms of prevention efforts. 

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