Joining The Fight For Gender Equality In Mexico

What is Gender equality?

Gender equality refers to our fight for equal rights among men and women. It is the fight for equal pay, the fight for equal opportunities, and the fight for equal treatment.  It is not only a fight restricted to match our pay wage to those of men. It is the fight to dismantle the years of patriarchy and discrimination women face at every point of life.

Whether it as a child or as a full-grown adult, if you are a girl or a woman, you get the constant taste of discrimination and the vigilant reminder that girls are somehow “weaker” and “fragile”. 

Gender equality calls for the departure from the disparity between genders in freedom, politics, health, education, economics well as abilities. It is the notion that the representation of both genders must be equal among all sectors. 

The fight for gender equality is imperative across the whole world but this fight is more than needed in this very large and diverse Spanish-speaking country, Mexico. Mexico is home to rich cultures, aspirational women and men but with an ongoing epidemic of gender inequality.

The world recognizes that even in the 21st-century women are significantly underrepresented in the country. They are underrepresented in science, technology, politics, and even in education. A women’s aspiration comes secondary to the priorities of the cultural norms and pressure on women. 

Mexican women’s lack of representation is not rooted in their lack of interest or lack of aspirations. 9 out of every 10 women express their desire to have a top executive job. But the offers and opportunities tend to be reserved for men. There are a lot of underlying cultural reasons why gender inequality manifests in a country such as Mexico. And there is so much importance in tackling these underlying causes to give women the equal rights and opportunities they deserve. 

Why Is Gender Equality So Important In Mexico? 

Without gender equality, there is no change. There is no change in the rate of femicide, nor is there a change in the traditional toxic norms of the culture. Mexico’s initiative and fight against gender inequality are important for so many reasons. These reasons include fighting against gender-based violence, empowering women, for economic prosperity, polishing up the reputation of Mexico, improving the overall well-being of the country, making it a safer place to live, reducing violence and conflict, and supporting the cultural shift on gender roles. 

On another closely related epidemic of the country, femicide in Mexico cannot be fixed without combatting the issues of gender inequality. Femicide, or the intentional killing of women is deeply rooted in conservative thinking and beliefs that victimizes women and desensitizes their pain.

Mexico is known for its high number of femicide cases and gender-based violence cases. The country is also widely known for having the highest number of sexual violence cases against women. Several studies have been conducted across the world to understand the normalization and what can be done to dismantle this normalcy. One of the more imperative steps is ofcourse, to establish gender equality. It is to decrease low occupation among women, empower them, educate them, giving them a role outside of their household, shifting the masochism that contributes to gender-based violence, and improving a woman’s power in society. 

Another important reason for gender equality campaigns, laws, and education is to shift and change the gender roles in society. To redefine what it means to be a woman in a Mexican community.

Traditionally in the Mexican culture, it is a women’s job to take care of the household. The study, they work but they must also take care of the household and family all by themselves. Women have to be child-bearers and caretakers. They have the sole responsibility of educating children and giving them a safe environment. A man’s job is to earn and women are to depend on the man. The financial dependence on men has also contributed to many gender-based violence cases in the country. 

World health organization says that 38% of all women killed are killed by men who are their partners. These partners are their financial lifeline. Women do not have any way to get out of the toxic relationships and earn for themselves because they have the responsibility of the members of their family. They don’t have the financial means to escape violence, nor do they have the social empowerment to escape. Culture stigmatizes when women stand up for themselves and this cultural narrative cannot be changed without the voices of empowered and equal women. 

Gender inequality in Mexico not only stops adult women from reaching out to their dreams but also puts an abrupt halt to the child’s development. Particularly the development of a girl. Little girls tend to show less interest in Science, technology, mathematics, and engineering compared to boys. Their lack of interest does not come from their lack of aspiration and determination.  But it comes from the fear of being judged for having any high hopes and dreams and it comes from their lack of confidence. Girls are told from a young age that they belong in their kitchens. Their roles were clearly defined since birth. This does not only hinder their development, but it also breaks their confidence that they can genuinely reach for the stars. Just like a boy. 

How To Combat Gender Inequality? 

Combating gender inequality is not a one person job. It is a collective effort of the society built on consistent empowerment, education, reformation of laws and implementation as well as reinforcement of it. Mexico has increased their practises and efforts to diminish discrimation and violence against women over the past fe years. They have established laws and guidelines to encourage children of all genders to go to school and create an atmosphere of active participation. 

Several programs and organizations have been built to protect the rights of a woman, educate them on their sexual reproductive rights, education enhancement, healthcare empowerment and political as well as leadership programs among women. Social media also plays a crucial role in the development of gender equality in Mexico. Amplified voices help raise the issues and concerns of marginalized women in Mexico. It brings Mexican women to a platform where they are empowered and have the courage to fight the patriarchy that prevents their growth. 

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