Mexican Perception on Sex

IN THE HEIGHTS, from left: Melissa Barrera, Stephanie Beatriz, Leslie Grace, Dascha Polanco (top), Daphne Rubin-Vega, 2021. ph: Macall Polay / © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

Sex is part of human nature. Like it is essential. Let’s see how Mexican culture act in dating, marriage and their sex life. It is pretty interesting. 

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IN THE HEIGHTS, from left: Melissa Barrera, Stephanie Beatriz, Leslie Grace, Dascha Polanco (top), Daphne Rubin-Vega, 2021. ph: Macall Polay / © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

How about Mexicans and sex? When it comes to women, premarital virginity might bring up mixed emotions among Latina women. Despite acknowledging the relationship between cultural standards about virginity, some young Latinas report having sexual relations prior to marriage without feeling ashamed, shamed, or dishonoured. 

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Others, on the other hand, regret past sexual behaviour, and many reports utilise “secondary chastity” as a coping mechanism. As a result, retaining virginity until marriage is a cultural norm, but it’s unclear how this influences young women’s conduct. Additionally, other powerful sexuality ideas and values may contrast with the assumption that virginity is vital.

These are some of Mexican’s strengths when it comes to dating, marriage, culture and sex: 

Dating Among Mexicans 

According to a review from sexually risk mitigation programmes, interventions must focus on the development of skills, particularly sexual communication, rather than respondents and attitude change. Skills and communications are not sufficient when working with young Latinos. The cultural and gender ideas of Latino youth are a bit different from the rest of the Americans. So, give and take is important. Whatever it is, respect your partner’s decision and feelings.

A Mexican city has adopted a legislative reform that allows public sexual relations and exhibitionism as long as no one objects. Police officers will still be willing to report a couple conducting sexual acts under new regulations passed in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, but only if a citizen files a written complaint.

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Mexican dip sauces guacamole, cheedar dip, tomato salsa and pico de gallo with Nacho chips mexican food

Dating a Mexican means you get to indulge in good food. One of the huge pointers of dating them! This is due to the fact that their culture is rich in good food.  

Mexicans and Marriage 

In marriage, they keep it traditional. Many Latinos still expect their husbands to be manly, to pay for everything, and to protect them. Men want women to be subservient, quiet, and “womanly” in exchange. Of course, this group of people is more likely to have completed junior high or high school and to live in rural areas. More educated persons (those pursuing a degree or a doctorate) have a more “European” dating style. Traditional or modern does not mean it is bad. Just be understanding and talk through with them. 

Talk About Intimacy 

First and foremost, intimacy is the key. Mexicans love intimacy. They know how to treat their partner. If possible, talk about intimacy first before discussing your sexual relations with each other. Making sure that your partner knows how much you love them and accept every inch of them is important. The relationship isn’t just about sex remember? Cuddle, caress and kiss them to show your affection. Then, you could move on by talking or bringing up about the ‘sex’ topic.

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Mexican always talk about sex first. In this way, talking can help you and your partner feel more comfortable with each other. On the other hand, you must have a pretty solid relationship first. If you’re dating, ask your partner about the right time to take your relationship to the next level, how did your partner feel about sex, and what your partner likes and doesn’t like. It is advisable to talk face to face regarding this okay? Do not talk about this over text. Even if you are not comfortable, you could probably talk over a video call. 

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Here is a suggestion:

“When do you think is the right time for us to start having sex? We have to talk about when the time is right for both of us.” Or you could even be more casual about it. 

Before going any step further in initiating sex, make sure you have clear consent from your partner and discuss safe sex options for both of you. Communication is the key and most Mexicans know how to make their partner feel safe

Deep and Long Kissing Session

If you haven’t had a make-out session yet then straight away talking about sex isn’t going to work out. Most Mexicans love to enforce a good kissing or make-out session. ‘Skinship’ is a way to increase intimacy between couples. Make sure that you guys are intimate enough before asking about sex. Mexican couples have a habit of kissing their partner’s cheek or just a peck on the lips. Learn from the Mexicans: get your partner into bed with you, give her a deep, long kiss than usual. Technically, maybe a kiss isn’t enough. Instead, give a touch on the neck. 

In Conclusion

Mexicans are really proud of their culture. It is a huge part of their life. You could even see them through their dating, marriage and sex life. If you crave sex without feelings involved then maybe you can seek friends with benefits or a one-night stand. Then, when you guys are in the bed together, time to move on to incorporating sex toys in bed. 

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