Reason to be

El5antuario recreated itself as an emerging news outlet on January 16, 2011 as a counterweight to the shameless and immoral self-censorship imposed by the Agreement for the Information Coverage of Violence that was signed with the media pantomime called the Mexico Initiative. Our constitutional right to information is being flagrantly violated, so we decided to make it a moral obligation, the sanctuary then became a crusade not only to inform us but to inform.We are a conglomerate of Mexican citizens who throughout the country -and even from abroad- agree to locate all the valuable information that we find and analyze it based on the data that the government and the self-censored media continue to religiously hide.
El5antuario is carried out by 5antuaristas, people dedicated to disseminating information to those who are willing to respond to that citizen obligation to inform themselves. Due to the moral quality of these people, those who visit, listen to, or see the sanctuary were called 5ant @ s. It is the thousands of 5antas and 5antos who urge us not to stop this impulse that some governments have tried to censor, in addition to the endless threats that we receive daily from alleged members of organized crime, the armed forces or the police themselves.
Teleological explanation of the blog title / name: The name itself is born from the literal meaning of the word “sanctuary” and revolves around the concept of being a sanctuary for information, a space where it is nurtured and protected above all and everyone.
The addition of the number 5 obeys certain mathematical / social properties of said prime number, in addition to coinciding / communing with the power of truth incited in Alan Moore’s novel, V for Vendetta. VI VERI VENIVERSUM VIVUS VICI.

Nor can one deny a certain tendency to preserve the name of the sanctuary due to its similarity to the homonymous place so transcendent in Masami Kurumada’s series, Saint Seiya.

君 の 小 宇宙 は 燃 え て い る か!?