Traveling To Mexico: What Are The Current Restrictions?

Some people say Tacos and Tortas is the first thing that comes to their mind when talking about traveling to Mexico.  But we cannot simply break down the Mexican culture, cuisine, and beauty to just tacos. Mexico is about its lively and vibrant people. It is about its cabrito from the north to the deliciousness of tamales and sopas. It is also about their beautiful coastal lines and rich history dotted into every corner of the city and islands. The beauty of Mexico and its rich history will never fail to amaze the world, making it the perfect destination for many.  

Pair these historical scenes with the art and music scene in the country, you are in for a treat! Undeniably music is a powerful language in the country. Listening to Mexican music on the radio is a lot different from experiencing its music in the country itself.  Pairing music with art, Mexico is the perfect place to explore a number of renowned artists and their work. It is home to many renowned musicians, poets, writers, and artists. Mexican music is also a call for celebration. People of Mexico use it to celebrate and sing their passions, history, legendary folks, and even express love and heartbreak.

So, Mexico’s got it all. Art, music, the world’s most beautiful beaches, rare animals, history, the best music, and the friendliest people on earth! It is hardly a country to be missed and currently, it is also one of the countries that is the most accessible. The pandemic has put a lot of restrictions around the world including within our own countries. This meant no random snack shopping at 2 in the morning and no short visits to the nearest country. For a lot of us, it meant extra packing and extra precautions to visit the most beautiful places around the world.

Unfortunately, many of these places were closed, but Mexico still remains open. Flights have resumed and prices are dropping. Resorts are warming up and discounts are flying.  Lush jungles, fiestas, and vibrant music scenes are waiting for us in Mexico but don’t jump on a plane just yet. Traveling to Mexico means that we have to keep up with the latest health advisories and travel restrictions. Here is what you need to know! 

Restrictions In Mexico 

Mexico is currently open to travelers from all over the world. There are zero to no restrictions while entering the country, maybe except for your mask. Most countries require you to have a negative PCR test presented made within 72 hours of travel or even a quarantine period of 7-14 days. However, in Mexico, no such restrictions have been placed. They are currently trying to juggle between their need for a flowing tourism and the ongoing health crisis. Hence, air travel is open to Mexico and resorts are slowly opening up their business to welcome tourists from all over the world. 

Other than the health declaration form and some health questionnaires from hotels and resorts, you may have nothing to worry about in terms of restrictions. Entering Mexico has never been easier compared to many other countries. However, it is important to be mindful of the Covid-19 situation in Mexico. It is advised to not travel to Mexico for anything other than essential travel.  Many unvaccinated travellers are told to avoid travelling to Mexico under any circumstances. The same goes for vaccinated travelers. 

The Covid-19 Situation

Mexico currently has over 2,390,140 cases and 221,080 deaths as reported by the World Health Organization. Mexico passed the 2 million mark and the number is only expected to increase. The death rate is alarmingly high and infection rates far more than normal.  The government is heavily criticized for their rather easy going approach to the deadly virus and many are critical of the decision for the mexican border to be opened. 

With the numbers only increasing, people whether they are vaccinated or not are advised to avoid traveling to mexico. People who are vaccinated also can easily pass on the virus. Vaccination itself is no guarantee against infection. 21, 986,456 doses of vaccinations have been administered and a million more is yet to be administered. The country is on the slow slope of recovery mode with the infection rate increasing. It is important to be mindful of the covid situation before travelling to Cancun or Baja California Sur. Our mexican holiday dreams can wait. Staying home has taken more importance than our travel lust. 

Extra Precautions

Mexico is a beautiful country. But it is not without its flaws. The country is flagged as a red-zoned country in terms of Covid 19 but is also red zoned in terms of security. Many touristy areas such as Cancun are generally safe and pose a low risk for foreigners. However certain parts of Mexico require our own education and particular care when traveling. Serious crimes like robbery, vehicle hijacking, and assault have made thousands of headlines over the years statistics show no difference. Precautions must be exercised as there have been incidents of shootings and theft even in the major tourist places of Mexico. 

Driving is also not considered the safest in the country. People are reminded to stay vigilant with their belongings and to keep their car lockers with windows closed. Other than driving, while on public transportation, people are advised to travel in groups and travel in first or second class tiers. The security is higher in those particular areas and the police protection is also better. Unlicensed taxi drivers and scams also are also common so be careful with your friendly taxi driver. 

Read on the local travel advisories and travel guides to understand the best mode of transportation and how to check authorized taxi drivers and vehicles for your travels. Just like any other part of the world, crime and security issues exist. And just like any other sensible individual, it is important to be aware of the country’s political situations, border conflicts, crime rates, and other essential information when making travel plans. Mexico is known for its increased drug-related issues and gang violence over the years. 

Restrictions may not apply to Mexico, but it is important to take the liberty of being safe while traveling. Get yourself vaccinated, adhere to the rules of the country, scan before entering, wear your mask, and avoid crowded places. Travel can be enjoyed in Mexico but be a mindful traveler who benefits their economy. 

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